Top 10 Resources for Pregnancy Exercises

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pregnancy exercises

One of the most exciting things in life is finding out you are pregnant.  Usually your mind will go in a million different directions ranging from baby names, schools, nursery decorations and baby showers.  All of those thoughts are important, but you must remember the most important thing first.  Your first thought should be how do I get the baby here safely.  The answer is by taking care of yourself.  Proper nutrition, vitamins and pregnancy exercises are essential.  

Pregnancy exercise might not be the first thing you think of when you find out you are pregnant, but it is very important.  Here is a list of 10 different articles that explore the importance of exercise while pregnant.  Remember do not proceed with any type of exercise without getting the okay from your doctor.

1. Exercise During Pregnancy

This article discusses how much exercise is enough and how much is too much when you are pregnant.  Read about how your body warns you when you are pushing too hard.

pregnancy exercises


2. 10 Best Exercises to do while Pregnant

Here is a list of fun exercises to engage in before, during and after you are pregnant.  

exercise during pregnancy


3. 20-Minute Prenatal Cardio Workout 

This 20 minute cardio workout is perfect for any working mom-to-be that lacks the time to fit in an hour of exercise.  Remember exercise is beneficial for you and the baby!  

Prenatal Cardio Workout Low Impact Pregnant


4. Exercises You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Along with several other benefits exercising while pregnant helps you mentally and physically.  Although you are encouraged to be active there are do’s and don’ts to most exercises.  

exercises you should avoid during pregnancy


5. Pregnancy Workouts for Each Trimester

This article discusses what pregnancy exercises are best at each trimester.  

pregnancy workouts by trimester


6. 7 Easy Exercises for an Optimal Pregnancy and Labor

It does not matter if you are having and C-section or natural childbirth it will only make things easier to have you body prepared for delivery.  This article discusses exercises that will prepare you body.  

easy pregnancy exercises


7. 5 Simple Kegel Exercises To Try Out During Pregnancy

Kegel exercises are a must for all women before and after pregnancy.  If you are going to practice Kegel exercises while pregnant permission from your doctor is necessary.  Read more to learn about 5 simple Kegel exercises.

kegel exercises for pregnancy



8. Pregnancy and Exercise: Baby, Let’s Move!

Exercise is important at every stage of your pregnancy, but sometimes fatigue hinders you from going to the gym or going on a walk.  The Mayo Clinic has a few helpful hints on ways to keep you motivated.

pregnancy exercises week by week


9. Is It Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy?

There are several types of exercise pregnant women should stay clear of because they can be harmful to your body.  Explore this article and find out what is appropriate for you and at what trimester.

Safe to Exercise During Pregnancy


10. Exercise During Pregnancy Benefits Mom—And Baby, Too

This article has the research and data to prove the benefits of prenatal exercise.  Plus, they discuss the motivation to keep it up after the baby arrives.

pregnancy workouts

There seems to be a pregnancy exercise to fit each person at each trimester of their pregnancy.  This is a wonderful time to try something new or maintain your regular (safe) routine.  Taking the time to get moving each day will not only benefit you and your delivery, but the baby will thank you as well.

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