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Many moms and birth professionals can attest to the the breastfeeding benefits that chiropractic care can provide. For any mother that has struggled to breastfeed, whether from supply or latch issues, the frustration can be very real and distressful. Chiropractic care for mom or baby (or both!) can help tremendously when provided by a Roswell chiropractor with additional training in the care of infants and perinatal problems.

Some breastfeeding challenges that have improved with chiropractic care:

  • Inadequate supply of breastmilk
  • Difficulty latching on to the breast
  • Inability to feed from both sides – baby will only nurse with head turned one direction

If you are experiencing any of these challenges, chiropractic care may be able to help. Here are a few chiropractic success stories:

  • A three-day-old baby girl struggled with latching on to breastfeed and became lethargic as a result. After an adjustment to the top bone in the neck, the baby immediately exhibited a strong rooting reflex and was able to nurse. All other health concerns quickly cleared up.
  • A breastfed 3-month-old began refusing to nurse after being forcibly picked up and shaken by an older sibling. After several days of refusing the breast, a chiropractor evaluated the infant and found multiples subluxations in the upper neck.  After an adjustment, the baby nursed again, but only on a single side.  After the second adjustment, nursing continued normally from both sides.
  • The mother of a one-month old saw her chiropractor with upper back pain and low milk production. After a short series of chiropractic adjustments, the patient noticed breast enlargement and improved milk production. She also experienced relief of her back pain.
  • With a referral from her hospital’s lactation consultant, a mom visited the chiropractor six days after giving birth to her daughter. After the first adjustment in the chiropractor’s office, the mother was able to feed her daughter without further difficulty.

If breastfeeding is what you’ve decided is right for you and your family, there is no need to struggle to make it work. With the wealth of resources available today –  lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, Breastfeeding organizations (La Leche League), books, and perinatal chiropractors – there are plenty of options to help you solve your breastfeeding challenges without supplementation or giving up altogether. Selecting a chiropractor that has advanced training and experience with pregnancy and pediatric challenges will help you in determining the cause of the breastfeeding trouble and how to correct it.    

Chiropractic care is a natural and low risk option for moms and babies.  If you have more questions about how chiropractic care could help you breastfeed more easily, contact your local Roswell Chiropractor, Dr. Rana Slatton, who focuses on helping parents address these types of concerns.

Are you ready to learn more about how chiropractic can help with your breastfeeding troubles? Call to schedule your Complimentary Consultation at Wellspring Chiropractic in Roswell today!


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